Getting started with Simple Poll

How to create a quick survey in Slack

Simple Poll makes it quick and easy to create a quick survey in Slack. Here’s how you do it.

Create a quick survey using a shortcut

To create a quick survey, access the Simple Poll shortcut as you would when creating a regular poll with Simple Poll. Click the Attachments and shortcuts button in Slack. It’s the little plus symbol in the bottom left of the chat window.

If Create poll with Simple Poll is not in the list already, you can search for it by typing "poll":

After selecting the shortcut for Create poll with Simple Poll, a modal window that lets you create a poll will open. At the top, you will see a dropdown menu. Select Quick survey from the dropdown menu.

Give your quick survey a title and add an optional description. Next, enter the questions you would like to include in the quick survey.

When you’re ready, click Preview to check what your quick survey will look like.

If everything looks good, click Create quick survey to post the survey in the channel.

If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]