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Up your Slack culture game

Polls give you a chance to connect and learn about the people you work with:

Organize days in the office
Send a monthly AMA for leadership
Hold award events like “Employee of the Month”
Kickstart a Friday office trivia game
Decide the location of your next company retreat
Help people connect with "get to know you" polls

Slack's where your team already hangs out

Responding is super fast and accessible. No new tabs, no emails, no leaving Slack.
Just click, and you've answered.
Single question polls

Your polls gather results instantly. As the poll creator, you can check on a poll anytime to see who’s answered it. Plus it’s easy to make responses public or anonymous.

Multi-question surveys

To ask more than one question, create a quick survey and send it out to specific channels or via private DM. Get feedback from your team, fast.

Everyone's a
culture champion ⭐

Anyone in your Slack workspace can create and post polls. That means team managers, HR departments, special committees, and individuals can use polls without a hitch.

Create polls that are as diverse as your team:

Public responses: Anyone can see who selected what. Great for hybrid work schedules and social polls.
Anonymous responses: See how many times an option was selected, but not by whom. Great for office awards, or project feedback.
Open ended questions: Ask people to respond with text rather than selecting a poll option. Great for AMAs and feedback.

Easily schedule recurring pulse checks

It doesn’t make sense to spend time on what can be automated. Schedule recurring polls on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

Measuring and reporting on how your team feels means you can identify issues and figure out how to fix them before they grow. It’s as simple as setting a recurring poll like “How are you feeling this week?”

A quicker way to share ideas and get consensus

Quick access in Slack means you don’t have to set up meetings to discuss. Just post the question, people pick an option, and you have all the relevant info you need, ready to go.

Create polls in a single click with templates

Select a pre-made template from the gallery, or create custom templates for the future.

Watch your responses roll in
Catch people at the right time with reminders
Use your data instantly with straightforward .csv exports

Get innovative about team interaction and communication

41,000+ teams use Simple Polls every month to strengthen company culture.
“Simple Poll lets us get quick feedback from our partners all over the world and helps us make the right decisions. It's the simplest thing in the world.”
Quinn Richter
Head of Minecraft Partner Program
“Polls have really improved the way we connect and collaborate as a team. It's not just me, but each member connecting with each other, building trust, and having fun amidst our demanding tasks.”
Larvell Davis
Director of IT, VCU School of Pharmacy

Add to Slack and create a Poll in 30 seconds

Once you’ve added Slack to the team workspace, creating a poll is simple. Just type /poll and a pop up window with all the poll creation options will appear.

Create a poll or a survey using the pop up window
Create a poll by using text commands
Step #1:
Type in /poll and press Enter. This will open a pop up window in Slack in the same way as using a shortcut.
Step #2:
Create a poll from a template, or type in your question and answer options.
Step #3:
Select your settings to show things like real-time results, or make responses anonymous.
Step #4:
Preview your poll, and you’re ready to post your creation and start collecting responses!
Step #1:
Type in /poll directly followed by the question/topic you want to ask and the options you want to include. Surround your question and each option with quotation marks.
Step #2:
You can also add keywords to adjust a poll’s settings. Just type the keyword after the questions. You can use keywords like anonymous and allow-options.
Step #3:
Hit Enter on your keyboard, and your poll preview will pop up.
Step #4:
Make edits if you want, and you’re ready to post your poll and start collecting responses!

Why workplace culture is so important

Teams with highly engaged employees enjoy an average 14% improvement in productivity, 18% more sales, and are reportedly 24% more profitable - Gallup.

Lacking team culture
You have to keep rehiring for roles
People feel micromanaged
There's an air of negativity
Productivity hits all time lows as people burn out and quiet quit
People feel undervalued and side-lined
It's every person for themselves
Positive team culture
Talented people stick around
Employees trust leadership
People believe in the company's future success
Emotional openness prevents burnout
People feel appreciated and seen
Everyone feels more connected

Team culture has never been more affordable

Start creating Slack polls for free using Simple Poll. Say goodbye to social isolation and hello to happy, engaged coworkers.

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