Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Simple Poll work?

Everywhere in Slack. No matter whether it's a public channel, a private channel, a direct message or anywhere else. Simple Poll should just work. Let us know if it doesn't

How do I create a poll?

There are multiple ways to create a poll. The most common way is by using the following syntax:
/poll "Poll question?" "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3"

/poll "Poll question?" "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3"

How much does Simple Poll cost?

We offer a generous "Hobby" plan which is available free of charge and a great way to get started with polling in Slack. For advanced features and fewer restrictions you may upgrade to Simple Poll Business, which costs $49 per month for your entire Slack workspace.

Something is broken with my Simple Poll installation. How can I fix it?

Most installation problems can be resolved by installing Simple Poll again on your Slack workspace. You can do that by following this link. If installing Simple Poll again doesn't fix the problem, get in touch with us via [email protected]

Who can create polls once Simple Poll is installed on my workspace?

Once installed all team members can both create and vote on polls.

How do I create an anonymous poll?

You can create an anonymous poll like this:
/poll "What's your favorite sport?" "Football" "Tennis" anonymous
In this poll, the identity of all voters will be hidden.

/poll "Poll question?" "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3" anonymous

Can I use my own emoji?

Of course, you can! Just put them after the relevant poll option:
/poll "Poll question?" "Option 1" :simple_smile: "Option 2" "Option 3"

/poll "Poll question?" "Option 1" :simple_smile: "Option 2" "Option 3"

Other ways to create polls

The most common way to create polls is described above, but there are other ways to create polls, which you may find useful:
/poll Which design do you like best? first second third
/poll Which design do you like best? first second third /poll When Today Tomorrow /poll When Today Tomorrow

How do I limit the number of votes each user can cast in a poll?

Note that this feature is only available to Simple Poll Business customers.

To create a poll in which each user can only vote once, use the following syntax:
/poll "What's your favorite sport? (select only one)" "Football" "Tennis" "Basketball" limit 1
If you want to limit votes to two per user, you can use the following:
/poll "What are your favorite sports? (select two)" "Football" "Tennis" "Basketball" limit 2

Notice the "limit" followed by a number at the end of the slash command.

If you want to limit votes and want to keep the responses anonymous, you can combine those two flags. Example:
/poll "What's your favorite sport? (select only one)" "Football" "Tennis" "Basketball" anonymous limit 1

How do I create a poll with more than 10 options?

Note that this feature is only available to Simple Poll Business customers.

After you've upgraded to Simple Poll Business you can create a poll with more than 10 options just like you would create any other poll. Example poll with 12 options:
/poll "What's your favourite animal?" "Dog" "Cat" "Lion" "Tiger" "Chicken" "Rabbit" "Horse" "Dolphin" "Shark" "Bird" "Frog" "Cow"

How do I delete a poll?

Every poll comes with a red delete button, which will delete the poll when clicked.
Only the author of the poll is able to use this button.

How do I edit a poll?

Editing polls is not currently supported.

How do I remove my vote after I've voted?

To remove your vote, click the same button you clicked to cast your vote initially.

How do I add an option to a poll?

Adding options to a poll after it has been created is not currently supported. We suggest deleting the poll and starting a new one once all the options are decided

Does Simple Poll support scheduled/automatic posting of polls?

Yes! We support posting polls on a set schedule with our recurring polls feature.

On Simple Poll Hobby, you can have 1 active recurring poll at any time across your workspace. On Simple Poll Business, there is no limit on the number of simultaneously active recurring polls you can have.

How can I set up a recurring poll?

  1. For any existing poll in Slack, find the 3-dot (“…”) menu, click it, and then select “View info”
  2. A new screen should open up allowing you to set up a recurring poll on a regular schedule
  3. Click “Set up recurring poll” and follow the setup steps

I want to set up a completely new poll and post it on a recurring basis. How can I do that?

To create a completely new recurring poll first create the poll itself using the /poll syntax (outlined above), then select “View info” in the 3-dot (“…”) menu. Following that, click “Set up recurring poll” and choose your desired posting schedule.

How do I stop a recurring poll?

If you delete an instance of a recurring poll it won't stop it from recurring. To stop it recurring, find an instance of this poll posted (or wait till it posts again), click "View Info", then "Edit" in the recurring poll section. From there you can "Pause" (in case you want to enable it again in the future) or "Stop automatic posting".

Where can I submit feature requests?

Email us at [email protected]

Where can I go for support?

Submit a ticket here or email us at [email protected]

Simple Poll Business

What features are included in Simple Poll Business?

Simple Poll Business includes no limit on the number of times that votes can be cast across all polls that your team creates each month.

With Simple Poll Hobby, you can set up a single recurring poll on your Slack workspace, and with Simple Poll Business you can set up as many as you and your team need!

Additionally, you can restrict the number of votes that each user can cast for a specific poll. So, for example, if you want to allow only one vote per person in a poll, you can create the following poll: /poll "What's your favorite sport? (select only one)" "Football" "Tennis" "Basketball" limit 1

Simple Poll Business allows you to create polls with more than 10 options. So if you want to create a poll with 12, 15, or even 20 options, you can now do that after upgrading to Simple Poll Business.

How much does Simple Poll Business cost?

Simple Poll Business is billed monthly and costs $49 per month for your entire Slack workspace.

Do you offer annual billing for Simple Poll Business?

We do not yet offer annual billing.

How do I upgrade to Simple Poll Business?

You can upgrade to Simple Poll Business in the dashboard:

Can I do a trial of Simple Poll Business?

When you upgrade to Simple Poll Business, you will automatically start a two day free trial. If you decide to downgrade your plan before the trial completes, you will not be charged. After the trial completes the payment method you entered as part of the upgrade will automatically be charged.

You may only trial Simple Poll Business once.

Can someone other than me set up billing for Simple Poll Business?

Yes, any member of your workspace can set up Simple Poll Business. Provide them with the following link:

Where can I edit my billing settings?

You can edit your billing settings in the dashboard:

How do I update my billing email?

If you are the billing manager for your workspace, you can update the billing email in the billing settings:

How do I update the payment method used for Simple Poll Business?

You can update the payment method used for Simple Poll Business in the dashboard:

Simple Decisions

What is Simple Decisions?

Simple Decisions helps you make, record, broadcast, and contextualise decisions in Slack. Conversations and discussions thrive in Slack, but sometimes it’s hard to know when a conclusion was reached or a decision was made. Simple Decisions helps keep all team members on the same page.

How do I use it?

To capture a decision, use the /decision command in Slack, write your decision, press publish and your decision will be shared within that Slack channel. If there are any recent polls shared within the channel, you’ll be given the option to add the poll as decision context.

What decisions can I make with Simple Decisions?

Any decision you’d like to capture and share with colleagues! Whether it’s a decision to move forward with a candidate, a new supplier for your product, the date for your upcoming meetup, the color of your new logo, or the next feature you’ve prioritised. You can use Simple Decisions to capture any outcome you wish, and decisions do not need to have happened as a result of a poll.

What is the decision record?

The decision record is the home of all decisions that have been recorded within each channel in Slack. Go here to review recently made decisions or check back to recall what was decided.

Go to Decision Record

Can I only capture decisions for things that were decided with a poll?

No, a decision does not need to be linked to a poll. In fact, we believe that many of the decisions Simple Decisions can help with won’t involve any polls! However, if you do find yourself making a decision as a result of a poll, you can add it as decision context.

What does it mean to follow decisions in a channel?

To help you keep track of important decisions made within a specific channel, you can follow them, which will send you a notification in Slack when a new decision is published.

How do I unfollow decisions made in a channel?

To unfollow a decision made in a channel click the three-dot menu to the right of the decision and click on ‘Follow channel decisions’. You’ll be notified you already follow this channel, and can then click the button to unfollow the decisions made within that channel.

I have some feedback for Simple Decisions, how do I share it?

Please share any feedback in this form or email us at [email protected]